LBG plant for the production of liquid biomethane

The world's best technology for LBG production

Biogenic collaborates closely with Dutch Nordsol on plants for the production of liquid biomethane, also called LBG or Bio-LNG, from biogas.

We do this because Nordsol has developed the most efficient and elegant process for this task.

The process is based on upgrading the biogas with membrane technology and then a cooling process that both cools the biomethane and uses the same biomethane as a refrigerant.

It is simple, energy-efficient, and nothing short of brilliant!

Why choose Nordsol

Energy efficient

The process is super energy efficient.
The total energy requirement for the upgrading and cooling of the gas is 50-60% of the energy requirement of other technologies on the market by comparison.

High quality

The plant is built according to the very right and strict industry standards that exist for LNG plants. It is all designed by experienced engineers from the LNG industry so both material selection and safety are top-notch.

Operational stability

The process behind the plant is not just simple and well thought out. It is also super operationally stable. There are no complicated refrigerant mixtures and risks of ice formation in the cryogenic heat exchanger.

The synergies

Nordsol's plant process makes it easy to exploit the synergy of producing liquid CO2 in addition to liquid methane. It is an obvious part of the plant that creates additional revenue for the biogas plant.

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