Gas flares for biogas and biomethane

We supply and install Danish-produced flares for biogas and biomethane.

The flares are produced in all sizes tailored to the needs of each biogas plant.

The flares can be constructed as open flares with a visible flame or partially closed flares where only the top of the flame will be visible.

Gas flare models

The flare models are built in two main groups:

Open gas flares model designation: OGF

Closed gas flares model designation: CGF

The gas flares are designed according to the requested capacity and gas pressure.

Standard sizes go up to 1800 Nm3/h with a pressure requirement of between 10-25 mbar depending on the valve configuration.

If there is very low pressure on the gas, it may be necessary to build the flare with a gas blower to ensure sufficient supply pressure to the flare.

Control and safety

The flares are delivered fully CE-marked with accompanying control to ensure stable and safe operation of the flare.

The flares are also always equipped with a flame trap for protection against backburning and a water drain for the diversion of rainwater and condensate.

The flare can be equipped with a range of options, such as:

-Flow measurement

-Temperature monitoring on flame and flame trap

-Adjustable air damper

-Specially adapted control if there is a particular need for this

Open flare model OGF

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Closed gas flares for biogas

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