Drying Plants for Biogas

A dry biogas is essential at all biogas plants where there is a desire to clean the biogas with charcoal filters and membrane upgrading.

But drying biogas is not just something you do. It requires a very precise dimensioning of heat exchangers, and the condensate must be handled correctly.

It should also be assessed how the removed heat should be handled: whether it should be cooled to the air with a chiller, or recovered to the biogas plant with a heat pump.

There is more energy in the moist gas than one might think. When the gas is cooled, the water in the gas condenses, and the condensation heat contains a lot of energy.

That is also why one should be sure that the plant is correctly dimensioned so that it is dried properly, and since there can be quite a lot of heat to be removed from the gas, in many cases it makes sense to move the heat back to the biogas plant with a heat pump.

Heat exchanger for biogas - 350 m3/h

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Please note the following:

The pressure of the gas is important for the condensation of the water in the gas. It is therefore important to know whether the cooler should be placed after a gas blower or before.

If the gas goes through a charcoal filter after drying, the gas should be slightly reheated. However, activated carbon must have some moisture in the gas, so depending on the type of coal, this also needs to be dimensioned to hit the right relative humidity of the reheated gas.

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