Gas Filling Stations

We build highly efficient gas filling stations tailored to every need

What We Deliver

The Facility

A gas filling station consists of various components: compressor, dispenser, payment system, etc.
We can deliver it all.

Installation and Start-up

The equipment isn't of much value if it's not properly assembled and commissioned. It must comply with current regulations and standards. We ensure this.

Regulatory Processing

You must apply for permission and provide a lot of documentation to emergency services, the safety authority, and an accredited inspector.
We ensure this.


It's not enough just to start the system. It must be maintained so that the owner and gas customer have a stable facility. We ensure this.

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Our Solutions

It’s important to us that the customer doesn’t just receive equipment and is left with the headache. equipment and is left with the headache. Therefore, we often deliver the complete solution so that the customer has a well-functioning facility. There are several issues regarding gas stations that need to be handled:
  • Building permit
  • Emergency approval
  • Notification to the safety authority
  • Connection to the gas network
  • Proper sizing of compressor and bottle bank
  • Pipe installation that complies with the directive for pressure equipment
  • ATEX zone classification
We take care of all this, so the customer has a good experience without major unforeseen surprises!

Fast-Fill Gas Stations

For quick refueling of large and small vehicles. Refueling trucks typically takes less than 5 minutes.

Slow-fill Gas Stations

For quiet and calm refueling over a few hours. A cheaper solution if the cars do not need to run all the time.

Dispenser and Payment System

If customers are to buy gas, it is important to have an approved payment system that works with the dispenser. We have that.

Service and Maintenance

A stable operating facility is absolutely crucial. Good service and a good spare parts inventory are highly prioritized by us.

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